.taylor. {redding, ca photographer}


I think one of my favorite things about Senior Sessions is getting to know them!!

Taking their pictures is amazing, but getting to see a glimpse of who they are & their dreams is incredible!

Taylor!! You are awesome! I had an absolute blast with you!!!!

Keep enjoying your senior year!! Have a blast!!! Make memories that will last a life time!!

Congratulations! Class of 2017! You did it!

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.hudson | class of 2017. {redding, ca photographer}

Hudson!! Such a cool name you have!!!

Hudson is graduating from Lassen High School! Whoot! Whoot! Considering Cal Poly or UC Santa Barbara!!

Favorite high school memory was a trip to Mexico with a few of his buddies!!! Enjoys golf, running sometimes, & occasionally pheasant hunting.

Frosty Mill would be the best burger joint in Susanville, & got a smile when I asked if he was happy Panda Express recently opened up!!! Gotta love Orange Chicken!!

Hudson!!! Thanks for putting up with all my wise cracks!!!! You were great to capture!!!!!

So excited to see what the future holds for you!! I know you are going to go far in whatever you do!

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.elise. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Back in I think 2008 or so, when I first started taking senior pictures, I photographed Elise’s older brother & of course took one of them together!!!!!


and now 2016!!!!How stunning you are, Elise!!!! So so beautiful!!!

Loved our shoot & the adventurous fence climbing to get into the “ultra-cool” places! So much fun!!!

Keep being you! Your happiness & kindness will take you anywhere!!! You have so much ahead!!!!

Chase after your dreams!!!!! Happy Pictures!!!!!!!

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.taryn. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Taryn!! Such a fun shoot!!!! So enjoyed all of the different locations & adventures!!! Hopefully we will get to do a sister shoot this spring!!!

I know that whatever you do, you are going to succeed!!! You are so talented!!!!! Congratulations!! Class of 2016!!!!

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.real life. {redding, ca photographer}

Today I have been checking off the list of “to-do’s” & a few orders that are on the list, while at the same time watching Kirsten Lewis, a photojournalistic family photographer, on CreativeLive! Feeling inspired & evoked to keep going deep, to keep focusing on my craft…..It’s been so good! So real. Incredible!

This season has been tough mentally, just to be honest. Comparison & the lovely social media has spun me a bit this last season..I feel like there’s been a “fog” over my head!  I love Instagram & Facebook! I love the connection it brings, I love that it’s like a journal, to some degree… Facebook  posts & dialogs. It’s been incredible for my business! I love the clients it has brought my way, the friendships!!  I  have really enjoyed the app TIME HOP because it shows last year’s posts to like five year ago posts… It’s been really great, especially as a mom to see how much the kids have grown.. & to see how iPhone technology & cool editing apps have taken it to another level.

On the other end, it’s felt like social media has taken something from me… Something that I so love & have a passion for….  Capturing!  To post or not to post, to blog or not to blog?  To put it out there… To think “I am going to be judged…” “It’s not good enough…” “It’s not a picture of a bridge, waterfall, cool coffee shop, or deep in the hundred acre woods.”  “Will my clients be happy?” “Does it match with my feed?” “Will it get any LIKES?”  I could keep going… The struggle has been a struggle! HA! The reality…..

Of course while scrolling through instagram a friend of mine posted about a negativity fast that started February 10th for Lent. It resonated in my heart & I knew I needed to go after that….. So, yes… intentionally saying NO to this haunting monster & focusing on the positive… & breaking that off.  One day at a time, one post at a time. Not letting all this define me & keep me from what I do truly love!!!! Positivity wins!! Capturing the Heart wins!

… I saw my favorite tree had started blooming…. & I knew that it had to be in full blossom at the civic center… Sooooo, heading home, the little voice inside said… “swing by & take some pics of that tree…..” & the other voice… “why would you do that… they’re not going to be anything incredible..” “who wants to look at a bunch of flower pictures..” &  instantly I was like ” these pics are going to be so pretty & nothing is going to stop me from capturing this moment…”  This moment that I knew would make me come alive, would make my heart so so happy! I took a few with my phone & then came back a few days later to take some with my camera… & again….. sheer happiness! I just wanted to swing in the tree of blossoms! Breathe everything in. Bask in the beauty of spring & these stunning flowers……. Absolutely so magical! So So So beautiful!

Thank you for listening! & reading if you got this far…. How do you manage social media? Balance? Posting or not? Would love to hear your insight!!!! & if you want a really awesome positivity perspective, check it out Igniting Hope!

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.michaela. {redding, ca photographer}

“it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.” -anne of green gables

I was so inspired by michaela & the creativity she has! So incredible. Each outfit & each location was just springing with something creative & wonderful!

A singer & a dancer, she is apart of Starship, at Enterprise High School. Is considering majoring in English!

I know your future is bright, Michaela!!!! You will succeed at whatever you do!!!!!

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.jules. {redding, ca photographer}


so the one thing you never want to happen as a photographer, happened….

as I was getting my gear situated, I had it on the passenger seat, I hopped out of the car to just get it out on that side..

in the meantime, somehow, my car locked itself…. & I  was completely locked out of the car, gearless!!

ahhh! miraculously, an angel, Carli Ray, who I haven’t seen in ages, walked out of a shop, & she took me home quick to get the spare key….

Thank you, Carli! You saved the day!!!! Oh man!!!!

& Jules, so patient!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Jules!!! Our shoot ended up really being a mini-session with the lock out ordeal, but so much fun we had…..

She is an incredible singer/actress. I saw her perform for the first time last year at Shasta’s Beauty & the Beast, so amazing!!

I was in awe! So excited for this year’s!! & she’s apart of Shasta’s Madrigal Dinner!! Cannot wait!!!! So incredibly talented!!!

Jules! You are so beautiful! Thank you for having me capture you!!!!!!

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.brooke. {redding, ca | tbs ranch photographer}


Brooke volunteers for the nonprofit organization Guide Dogs for the Blind, she is, what is considered a “puppy raiser”, someone who takes future guide dogs from 8 weeks to around 14 months old and teaches them basic obedience, appropriate in house and public behavior.

Marissa(the puppy with Brooke) is in the very beginning stages of this, but these pups go everywhere with her, the grocery store, high school, the movies, you name it. Marissa is her sixth puppy through this organization.

If you want to get a little more in-depth information, the web site is www.guidedogs.org.

This was such a special shoot!!!! So so fun!!!!! Brooke, you are an inspiration!!! Wow!! So in awe of you & all that you do!!!

Thank you for having me capture you!!

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