.courtney. {redding, ca senior photographer}

Courtney! You are amazing! I love seeing your smile at my favorite grocery store in Redding!!! You brighten up life!!!!!

So excited where you go & what you do!! I know that you are going to go far! You have a drive & a pursuit that will make you fly!!!

So loved capturing you!!!!! Best wishes in all that you pursue!

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.taryn. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Taryn!! Such a fun shoot!!!! So enjoyed all of the different locations & adventures!!! Hopefully we will get to do a sister shoot this spring!!!

I know that whatever you do, you are going to succeed!!! You are so talented!!!!! Congratulations!! Class of 2016!!!!

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.michaela. {redding, ca photographer}

“it’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it.” -anne of green gables

I was so inspired by michaela & the creativity she has! So incredible. Each outfit & each location was just springing with something creative & wonderful!

A singer & a dancer, she is apart of Starship, at Enterprise High School. Is considering majoring in English!

I know your future is bright, Michaela!!!! You will succeed at whatever you do!!!!!

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.jules. {redding, ca photographer}


so the one thing you never want to happen as a photographer, happened….

as I was getting my gear situated, I had it on the passenger seat, I hopped out of the car to just get it out on that side..

in the meantime, somehow, my car locked itself…. & I  was completely locked out of the car, gearless!!

ahhh! miraculously, an angel, Carli Ray, who I haven’t seen in ages, walked out of a shop, & she took me home quick to get the spare key….

Thank you, Carli! You saved the day!!!! Oh man!!!!

& Jules, so patient!!!!! Thank you!!!!

Jules!!! Our shoot ended up really being a mini-session with the lock out ordeal, but so much fun we had…..

She is an incredible singer/actress. I saw her perform for the first time last year at Shasta’s Beauty & the Beast, so amazing!!

I was in awe! So excited for this year’s!! & she’s apart of Shasta’s Madrigal Dinner!! Cannot wait!!!! So incredibly talented!!!

Jules! You are so beautiful! Thank you for having me capture you!!!!!!

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.nichole. {redding, ca senior photographer}


You’re off to great places!!! Today is your day! – Dr. Suess

Nichole!!!! Happy Birthday! I hope you have the BEST day today!!!!!

It was a joy capturing you!!!! I  know whatever you do, you are going to succeed!!!!

Chase after your dreams, girl!

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.elisa. {redding, ca senior portrait photographer}


Elisa!!!!! You are so courageous!! Seriously I am so impressed that you made it through the shoot with your knee!

Elisa is an incredible soccer player & tore her ACL, had one surgery, but will have to have another…..  Saying lots of prayers for you girl!!

Thank you so much for  having me capture you!! The best is yet  to come!!!!!!

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.alex. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Alex, you are going to succeed at whatever you put your hand too!!

So enjoyed capturing you!! You demonstrate such incredible character & integrity!

Congratulations! Class of 2016!


.emmett. {redding, ca photographer}

emmett!!! graduated class of 2015! awesome awesome shoot! Truly honored to capture him!

Photographed his sister a few years ago, & it just means so much to photograph another one in the family!!!!

Emmett!! You are amazing! I know whatever you do you will succeed!! Best of luck to you!!!!

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.gavin. {redding, ca senior photographer}


Gavin is such an accomplished young man!!! I know that the future is going to be bright & amazing for him!!

I recently ran into him at a track meet & he told me some amazing news, that he had been selected as valedictorian for Central Valley High School!!!

As well, already in motion for College Football! Devoting his time to practicing & getting ready!

Thank you for the amazing shoot, Gavin!! You are incredible! Continue being you & continue pursuing all that God has for you!!!

Snapped a quick family shot or two before Gavin’s pics!! Yes! Yes! I offer that as well in a shoot!!!!! Oh those moments to be cherished!!!!!

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