.happy 30th. {Redding, CA Photographer}

Photo shoots with Jenn always seem to happen fairly fast. She needed a new bio shot & in between a recording came over & we shot these in about 20 minutes. Literally 20 minutes! Oh the pressure! Smile!

One day we will have a just her “full-on” not rushed at all session, but this one turned out wonderful! I am always so happy to capture her & love finding something new about her to capture!!

I have been wanting to blog a few from the shoot, but knew Jenn was turning 30, so saved them for her HAPPY BIRTHDAY post!!!!


Jenn! Thank you for being my friend, my truest friend.

I love you so much & I am daily so very thankful for you!

I know your 30’s are going to be the greatest!

Thank you for the inspiration that you are!

The HAPPY that you always are! Your joy continually radiates!

Thank you for being such a leader & a catalyst for change!

Thank you for being an example of all a wife & a mother should be! You are incredible at it!

Thank you for being you! For shining! For loving! For being passionate! & For being real!

You are amazing & I just LOVE you!

Happy 30th Friend!

& to celebrate Jenn’s 30th Brian, myself, & my amazing husband planned a party!!!

Not just any party, a 30th party!

The location was epic! Absolutely breathtaking!!

The rain & fog didn’t stop us! It was the party of the year!

Jill from www.brightsideprints.com designed these amazing invitations! Loved them! Thank you Jill!!!!

& the PARTY!!  I texted Brian Jan 1st ready to start planning!! He was in the middle of recording, so we had to hold off, but the Party Planner in me was so excited to put together a 30th party for my best friend!!!!

In my next life I think I want to be an Event Coordinator & Designer! It is so much fun! Truly love the process of putting everything together! It’s an even funner process when it’s your best friend & you can incorporate so many of her “favorites”!

On a side note.. If I would have thought through it a little better, being the party host & a photographer doesn’t go hand in hand! Totally wish I would have designated a “photographer” there, but I got a few shots.


& be ready…. lots of sweet treat pics!!!

& cute boxes to take the sweet treats home!!

Thank you PINTEREST for the S’more idea!!!

…sweet notes from Brian…

& nothing like the taste of chips & salsa from El Mariach’s... Jenn’ favorite!

Jenn’s mom brought up all of Jenn’s childhood albums, as well as an assortment of Jenn’s friend & family albums! Fun times & fun laughs!

Wonderful DJ! Andrew kept the party hopping!!!!!

Brent Van Auken had his AMAZING photo booth! So much fun! I think our kids had the most fun in it!!!

& parking by the amazing Justin R! Thank you Justin for all of your hard work & directing cars in the cold rain & wind! You are the best!!

& for the surprise of the night! Jim, the owner of Nello’s, & our great friend Carson, came & made Jenn her absolute FAVORITE dessert, Banana’s Flambe!! Oh so delicious!!

& the most wonderful part of  the evening! Everyone singing Happy Birthday to the incredible Jenn Johnson!!!

and the perfect ending to this post!!! Jenn!!!! Happy 30th Birthday!

 To everyone who helped make this party a success THANK YOU!!!! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you!!!!!