Hello! Hello! I hope you all had a beautiful Easter!! Such an unusual & wonderful day all at the same time. I don’t think I can remember a Sunday not going to church on Easter!! We enjoyed watching Bethel’s on-line service. It was so good.. We didn’t do anything too over the top… So different with older kids, but we did get the girls their PEEPS! LOL!
I’m REALLY excited about sharing this shoot!!! Well, mostly because Janie is SUCH an author & has sooo many BEAUTIFUL things to say!!! Reading through her process during this time has had me in tears!!! Just incredible! I’m so excited for you to read it!!! Thank you, Janie, for your real, honest, & heartfelt answers!! Truly! Truly!
These moments between Joel & Janie are just a sweet little reminder… Stay connected!!! Put on your favorite song & dance. Look each other in the eyes!! Fall in love all over again & again.
Any fun tips for others that you are doing during quarantine??
Rhythm and routine is so important for our daily lives and during this unpredictable season it is even more crucial. Research shows that routine is actually linked to more resilience in children in times of crisis and it’s not just the kids that benefit.
We all know what it feels like to feel like you have a whole day to be productive and then at the end of the day wonder where all the hours went….especially with the constant interruptions from our tiny people, who we are somehow supposed to keep alive, feed AND educate during this crazy time.
My bullet journal has become an anchor for me. I use one normally but I’ve become religious about it during this time. I know for me my workload has increased a ton so I keep it all in my notebook – homeschool assignments and dates (not that it has kept me from missing a few zoom school meetups 🤪), meal planning, cleaning schedule, etc. Getting organized is so important! Not just for us but our kids need it too. I bought the cutest chore chart PDFs on Etsy and put them on the fridge. It’s so good to see the kids inspired to keep their own routine and help around the house.
I would say don’t be afraid to “bribe” your kids with toys during this time. Being at the house all the time takes a toll on them and giving them something new can break up the monotony and also inspire them! We began a reading program with the kids and told them when they finish a certain number of books they can pick out a toy. It gives them something to work toward and also something to look forward to. Bonus – they are already reading so well, even my 4 year old!
And let’s not forget that the number one thing our kids need from us is our peaceful, engaged presence. Which means taking time for self care just got very important. With the concern for mental health on the rise, be sure to bake time in your day to move your body and find solace in something that relaxes you.
A few things I love is watercolor painting (you can do this with the kids too!) or reading.
We have a home gym where I can lift weights while the kids swing on our yoga trapeze and practice their gymnastics moves on their kip bar. Yoga is also a favorite way to relax and connect to peace in my body, especially when I’m feeling anxious. There are so many great workout videos on YouTube and also some great apps I use. My kids love doing kids yoga videos while I do my thing too, which is especially great when it’s rainy outside and the kids need to get their wiggles out.
Of course we all know the importance of getting outside too…the vitamin D is good for the immune system and my mood always shifts just by taking a step outside.
Your favorite quote, verse or song that is helping you get through this time…
I have never before felt the tangible solace of Psalm 91 like I’ve been experiencing. The promise is for health and safety for my family even when there’s danger on all sides. I am clinging to that with tenacity. There is not a lot that feels certain right now but we can be certain that we are held and not alone.
A memory you have created during this time…
Memories are in all the small moments, the early morning snuggles we wouldn’t have had if we were rushing off to school, the three breakfasts I made just because we have time, the kids jumping in a freezing pool because yes they really were that bored, and the hours reading with them. Jaxon is completely obsessed with his Beginner’s Bible I got him just before quarantine and we’ve sat and read for ages. It is so strengthening for me to read these Bible stories, so simply written, that never lose their wonder. I love the questions they have that make me think and cause us to grow more in awe of Jesus together.
anything you might want to add or share….
Just a reminder that this is not a time for perfection. It’s not a time for being hard on yourself. This is an uncertain, scary, and for many, a traumatic time. Remember that your kids may also be experiencing big emotions during this time and being in the same room with them is not the same as giving the gift of your loving, peaceful presence. Perfect meals, a clean home and all the sanitized groceries in the world will not substitute for a listening, open, loving, and peaceful mother. So take it easy on yourself and on your loved ones. Take time to play stuffed animals, laugh, tell jokes, and validate their feelings. Their feelings are ok just like yours are. It’s ok to feel a little scared, cooped up, irritable or maybe even a little angry that the world we used to know does not exist right now. We are allowed to feel all the feelings, because when we don’t engage with them and validate them, they come out in so many other not so fun ways.

Iam an aspiring photographer, who intends to start in September. I love the outdoor pictures.I would mind tips on lightning. Thank you

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