The Why

Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second! -Marc Riboud


Everyday is an adventure & something new! Although life passes too quickly, I try to just breathe in these moments. As Anthony Hopkins said in Meet Joe black, “Life is a Blink..” It truly is! My heart behind Heather Armstrong Photography is to capture your moment, your life, your now! It is so incredible to look back on our lives & remember those amazing times! I hope to capture them for you!

Fun Facts About Heather

Fact 1

I love GOATS!!!! Particularly Nubian Goats! It's a new passion of mine!! My family moved to a farm about three years ago & got some goats!!! We now have about 10 goats!! It's been quite an adventure!!!


Fact 2

I am a mom to three!! Crazy to believe they are all now ADULTS! They are the reason I am a photographer!!! Oh how I love them!!! Hold each moment tight! Literally they grow up so fast!!


Fact 3

I like to try and write letters once a week!!!! Stamps, stationery, & a fine point sharpie pen are priceless!!! If you want me to send you a letter e-mail me your address!! I love to write & send letters & I love MAIL!


Fact 4

Quotes! I love QUOTES!!! Word art is so wonderful! It makes quotes come alive even more!!! One of my FAVORITES is Jenessa Wait!!!


Fact 5

I LOVE flowers & taking pictures of flowers! If you have a extra second check out @floranthropist on instagram! I am so honored to help run her social media! It's such a high light!


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Redding, CA