I was truly so honored when Suzanne Russell, the owner of Carousel Boutique in Redding, CA, reached out & asked if I would like to “take over her instagram”.  Carousel is one of my FAVORITE shops in Redding. Everything in the store is TDF!!!! My incredible second shooter & dear friend, Jordana,  was up for modeling & so much fun we had!!! Thank you, Suzanne for having us! It was such a fun, creative challenge to put together different outfits, & pretty much shoot everything inside b/c it was RAINING out!

Anyways- here are a few faves!!!! & if you live in Redding, CA, be sure to check out Carousel!!!!

the first look, from Johnny Was ! !!! & the cute little clutch from lovemert!! TDF!!!! Definitely wanted to take this top home with me!!

The next look was so much fun too!!!!!! Jordana is my HUMBLE WARRIOR!!!! & I definitely think she NEEDS that shirt!!

Most ADORABLE rings & Necklace from the incredible Jen’s Jewels!!

Next Up!!!! More SPRING HAPPY!!! These overalls!!! A MUST!!!

We just couldn’t resist a little CART action!!! We were having such a blast taking over the Carousel!!! & these earrings by Wild Willow!! TDF!!!!

Just a few more, but cannot RESIST showing off all of the ADORABLENESS!

Jordana! You are just TOOOO cute!!!! Thank you for being my model!!!

I think it’s a season of STRIPES!!!


Oh my word. The photography style, the outfits, JORDANA, are all absolutely stunning! WOW. Absolutely love this photoshoot!!! WOW, wow, wow.

Just so stunning and fun in every way. Such hard work and talent plus an absolutely adorable and gorgeous model.

i love love love this heather!!! Beautiful to see your photos again! Love all the pops of color and Jordana’s a natural! Stunner!!

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