I love seasons of life & the people that come into your life during those seasons! I met Maria about eight or so years ago while taking pilates!! It’s been so incredible to see her grow as an artist & to see her creativity come alive!! Maria runs an adorable instagram, Double Shot Watts!! Starting each day with a grateful heart and coffee! Coffee love & humor illustrations. They are absolutely adorable & super clever!! For my birthday she created a custom one of ME!!! TEARS!! Thank you, Maria!!! You’re so amazing!!! Be sure to follow her Instagram!!
Loved capturing Maria several months ago.. Just too update her profile pics!! Such a fun shoot!!!
& early January we had a FAMILY SHOOT! It had been a few years!!!
Maria: When we took our last photo shoot it was sooooo nice to have both boys home at the same time.  It rarely happens now that they are grown.  And, it was great to have Amber in the mix.   She was born to be in this family.  Brad is NOW home from the University of Wyoming and finishing up his classes online, which has been keeping him busy.  
Anything fun or creative you all are doing while in Quarantine?? Maria: Last summer we attended Shawn’s family reunion and they had a corn hole tournament.  Corn hole!  Ha! Ha!  Who knew we’d love it?!?  Shawn ordered us a regulation set and has set it up in the back yard.  We’ve been playing corn hole when the weather permits, to pass the time during our self-quarantine.   We’ve also enjoyed catching up on a few series on television, (two I really enjoy are HBO’s My Brilliant Friend and, The Morning Show on Apple TV+).   And, I’ve also taken a few online drawing classes to improve my drawing.  It’s really gone a long way to help my mind stay busy and positive, by concentrating on something I enjoy doing like drawing.
Having Matthew living in Arizona, we’ve been Facetiming everyday and I text with Amber almost daily.  I am thankful he has Amber’s family in AZ.  We feel lucky that they are both able to work from home at this time.
My favorite quote that I have found particularly comforting at this time is by Ralph Waldo Emerson:  All I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen.
Do you have a recipe that’s been your FAVORITE these days??? Of course Maria made her’s SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!! She said she’s drinking these drinks every day!!
Anything more you might want to share with my readers??? Maria:: My thoughts:  If you can, take an early morning walk outside when it’s not so busy in your neighborhood.   It’s a great way to get your day started.

Awwwe! What would life be without our coffee and Maria of course.

Yes! Yes! She definitely makes life SWEETER!

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