I am lucky to have the most amazing cousins & for the most part we have all stayed pretty close to each other!! I so wish my website hadn’t have crashed & my old blog posts were still able to link because Rebekah has truly been my muse! Back in the day, whenever I needed to feel inspired or be creative she would be my model!!!! I’m so thankful for those early days & especially for family being willing to let me “practice….”
I’m so so PROUD of Rebekah!! She has recently opened her very own hair salon, Blend Studios! I know you’re gonna need a hair cut, & a color, after
quarantine lifts, so book your appointment with the BEST of the BEST!!! Rebekah cuts the girls hair & had cut Madison’s hair right before we took these pics!!! She’s seriously AMAZING!!!
Thank you, Rebekah, for letting me blog your family & thank you for answering all of the “How are you Surviving Quarantine?” questions!!!
How are you surviving with littles during self-isolation??? We are playing a lot in the front yard and jumping on the trampoline. We are trying to keep each other laughing and smiling with jokes and games. 
Any fun activities or games your family has been doing?? Together with our kids we are making a Covid-19 time capsule. Including pictures of what we’ve been drawing, who we have been quarantined with, facts about ourselves (age, height, favorite food). We will add some photos of ourselves and what we’ve been doing to keep busy and burry it! ALSO we have been talking about science and our motto is “knowledge is power” we are thankful for everyone who loves to work in the labs, making scientific discoveries for covid-19!
Any fun recipes or FAVORITE meals you have made?? We made dough balls, sugar cookies & 3 pies so far!
Anything you might like to add or a special memory/moment you have created??
A memory we have created during this time is seeing Leon find a love for biking around. From little jumps to using it to get from here to there, Leon rode into town and back with us for the first time.  GO LEON!!!!!!
Love you all so VERY much!!!! Cannot wait to pop some bubbly & celebrate the opening of your NEW studio, Rebekah!!!

😭😭😭😭😭 not sure if emojis go thru but I’m crying! You are so sweet heather. You made such a big deal about me and I feel SO loved! Thank you for the encouragement and I’ve loved being your muse! I have your old CD’s of photos if you ever need the old “bus” photos or the sunglasses with CIAO shirt! Gosh! I’m so lucky to have you! I want some of your business cards to have out at Blend for clients to take!!

I love you! SO much! Ah! You have me crying! Yes! Yes! I will get you some soon!!!
I cannot wait to see it!!! Love you! Love you!

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