This shoot was such a HIGHLIGHT shoot!!! So much fun! So often after shoots there is such a feeling of connection & friendship with the families!!! It’s been so happy getting to walk with Kristen & her most adorable little Ezra!!! So looking forward to quarantine lifting so we can walk together again!!!
One of the the inspirations behind these blog posts was seeing Kristen’s post the other day!!!! It gave me some inspiration.. Homeschooling a high schooler is another level & haven’t “really had that much school” yet, so after seeing this, it set some things in motion! I’m sure this will inspire you too!
Right! Isn’t this amazing!!!!! Thank you for THIS!!!! I think all of our screen time has quadrupled!
You all are incredible Ferreira family!!!! So so LOVED capturing your connection, your FUN, your 5 kids so adorable, happy, all the energy, the pouts, & the laughter!! I’m sure these days have had some pretty special moments of connection & family!

Any fun tips for others that you are doing during quarantine??  We are trying to make sure we stay on somewhat of a routine/schedule (with flexibility) in regards to getting ready for the day, tackling school or work, eating habits, exercise, and having play time.  I want to create as normal of an environment for my kids since there are already so many other abnormal factors that I cannot control (i.e. going to school, playdates, going to church, etc). Not sure how “fun” that is, but it is helping us nonetheless.  We have also tried to add in some fun learning activities and family workouts.  They are learning instruments, and our eldest is giving cooking lessons on “Cook Cook Wednesday” to her younger sibliings.  This also gives me a break in the kitchen. ha!

I just had to post these! Isn’t he the CUTEST!!!!! & seriously the BEST friend to have on our walks!!!!
2. Your favorite verse or song that is helping you get through this time…  It changes day to day, but I listen to “The Blessing” and “With You” by Elevation Worship a lot.
A memory you have created during this time… It has been really beautiful seeing our family bond over learning instruments and singing together. Music is something my husband and I both love, so it is fun to pass it on and make it a family thing now that our schedule is less impacted by other activities.  It has also been really cool to have family adoration time.
I wish I remembered what question I asked them……. Aren’t they all so cute!!! OMG!
4. Maybe a fun recipe you’ve tried or made that makes everyone happy?? We have been trying a lot of recipes over here and having the kids grow in their cooking skills.  Our oldest wants to make dinner at least once a week, and this morning our third oldest made omelettes for everyone.  This week the kids had a cookie bake off, and next week we are trying pretzel bagels.  The kids actually made a schedule (by themselves) of all the different foods they want to learn each week.
& anything you might want to add or share…. I think it is easy to lose hope and vision during this time, so I am actually pressing into my goals and dreams more and trying to find creative ways to keep pursuing them even though time is pressed having five kids at home and teaching, etc. BUT God is good strategist, and He always makes a way! It has been cool seeing how He breathes hope into everyday life and provides a way when circumstances look the opposite.  He is really good!!!!
I loved this moment!!!! There is always JOY in the out of control….. It’s gonna be okay!!!!
& this last picture… not a care in the world…. just the joy of frolicking through the flowers!!!!  Take a moment! Deep breath! It’s all going to be okay!! Peace to your heart & to you & your family!!

You are seriously just incredible! How you capture people is through the eyes of your BEHOLDER!- what a gift you are !

Thank you! Thank you! AH! Love you! We should do a photo shoot after quarantine! 🙂

So touching to the Ferreira’s grandmother(Meme’)in SOCA to get all the varied visuals of the family. They ARE an awesome team!

AHHH!!!! Thank you!!! I just love them!!! Such an amazing family!!!! Thank you for taking time to leave a comment!!

Mandye Cortopassi

Beautiful blog post! Beautiful family! You captured them so well! Xo

Thank you friend!!! Your comment means everything!

Love this idea to bring some joy and encouragement. Beautiful family and so many great ideas!

Thank you! Thank you! Love you so!

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