I met the Cortopassi family about 13 years ago, I believe. Our first shoot was with the twins. I think they were about 4 years old!! & FROM there I have been their family photographer, literally, could even go as far as saying their “personal photographer…” LOL So many family shoots, vacation shoots, birthday shoots… let’s just say they are well documented!!

Love you all so much Cortopassi family!!! Your family means the world to me!!!! So so many moments captured! AH! Tears!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, insight, & recipes of this season we are in…. I cannot wait to try that lasagna!

Tell me some fun things your family is doing!!!  Fun things // everyone in our family is exercising at least an hour a day, making a goal of 10,000 steps. Also 1 hour of cleaning organizing drawers and closets!!!!!
Your favorite song or verse that is helping you get through this time!!!  The Blessing by Kari Jobe & Cody Carnes  & You’re Going to Be OK by Jenn Johnson.
& my favorite verse is When I am afraid, I put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 | NIV
 Every night someone picks a movie and we all watch it together as a family!!!!
Family FAVORITE Recipes???  Banana Pudding and Mexican Lasagna
 Advice: Don’t read anything on Facebook. Stay away from media right now. FaceTime your friends . Text and ask how your friends are doing. We do a family prayer everyday. We ask each kiddos what they want to pray for &  what they are thankful for & what they have a heavy heart about.
Love you all soooo much!! & sooooo EXCITED to photograph the twins after this is over! NO BRACES!! AHHHH!!!! Gonna be such a fun shoot!
Tiffany Hagemeier

What a beautiful Family, your well loved Heather.

Thank you Tiffany!! Your comments MEAN the WORLD!! I feel so behind with this & how to go about it, so thank you!!!

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