Hello!!!! Hello!!!!! It’s definitely been a MINUTE! Like too long!!! So long it has actually taken me almost 2 days of figuring out how to BLOG again! AHH! How I have missed BLOGGING!! Yes, I am still a photographer!! HA! It’s been a journey these last couple of years, for sure!!!!  BUT, here I am!! Praying that each of you are safe & protected & your families & loved ones are all okay!!! Praying for our world! That it would be HEALED of this virus & would come back BETTER THAN IT’S EVER BEEN!!!!! 
The other day I was praying & pondering through ideas that would be purposeful & intentional with this time & season that we are in & I had the idea to start BLOGGING again & feature shoots, as well, ask some purposeful questions & get ideas of how each family, couple, & seniors are making it through COVID-19! Being quarantined with family, or with roommates, etc!! I have heard back from several clients & I am so excited to share with you!!! 
We are going to kick it off with some of my favorites! I have been photographing Tiffany & her family for about eight years! I met Tiffany through pilates! She is an incredible instructor!! & now a CERTIFIED NUTRITIONALIST!!! Congratulations, Tiffany! So PROUD of you!!!!!  Be sure to follow her HERE!!!
Tiffany & her family start their day with THANKSGIVING!!! She has a beautiful GRATITUDE jar & they each write down what they are grateful for!!! 

She has the attitude of gratitude…
Today’s was for finding the silver lining in all situations, circumstances and events in her life.  
Yesterdays was for each precious breath she inhales and exhales today.
Their son Trenton!! Oh my goodness!!! He’s about to graduate 8th grade & will be a FRESHMAN!! Crazy! I met him when he was about 6!!!! I always love taking his pics!! He’s always up for anything!!! & always looks so cool!!!! 
Trenton has created a turtle habitat and has been keeping a Journal of  “How I survived Covid-19” !!!! Go Trenton!!!! You’re amazing!!!! & I still cannot believe you are going to be a freshman!!!!! 
They have been gardening, raising chickens and shooting basketball hoops everyday.  Trenton and Jerry have been working on his Bronco restoration.  Tiffany has  been recipe testing.  Her new fave are pickled beets.  Jerry’s been laying low…  &. they have  told Trenton 100 times to wash his hands and don’t touch your face!! Here’s their sanitation station…. Daffodils from their yard! Ah! SO perfect!!! & beautiful!!!  & a picture of her pickled beets!!!! AHHH I love beets!! 
Tiffany is the most incredible with props & vision for our shoots!!!! Needless to say their Christmas card was EPIC!!! 
Yep!!! I think he has passed him mom up!!!!! SMILING!!! Love it!!
I love how intentional they are as a family!!!! So intentional to HAVE fun!!!! During this time make some memories with your family! Sometimes just the simplest ones are the BEST ones!  I love how they made some s’mores during their shoot!! I mean, who doesn’t love marshmallows, chocolate, & graham crackers!!! 

Wow! This did my hesrt good!Miss these faces.
Keep writing please makes me feel at home agsin!

Ah! Sherry!! How are you?? So good to see your comment! Makes my morning!! AH! Love you! Love you! Miss you!!!!

Yay!!!!! Hello again! So excited for this idea and love your heart to serve. Tiffany is the best! Such sweet pictures!

Thank you sister! I love you & love that you leave me comments! It makes me so happy!

Oh wow Heather! Such a beautiful shoot of a wonderful family. Your blogs are so uplifting and positive- thank you! We so need this right now. Stay well everyone xoxo

AH! Jade! Thank you! So much!!!! Hope you all are doing okay & hanging in there with everything!!!!!

Tiffany Hagemeier

Thank you Heather for your beautiful words and photographs. I can’t believe how Trenton grown either… Yikes, High School!!! XOXO

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