Yep! This post is guaranteed to make you smile!!! So much JOY this family has & brings!!! Truly they had me laughing pretty much the whole time! I had to take deep breaths just to stop laughing & focus!! SO MUCH silly, goofy, & happy! The best!
Thank you Camacho family for your SUPER AWESOME Shoot!!! So wonderful!!!
& a few glimpses into the Camacho Family life of being quarantined.
ERICA: We are really enjoying being home together and I personally love not waking up so early and rushing around to get the kids to school. Homeschool has thrown me a few curveballs but we are beginning to find our groove.  Monopoly, chess, soccer and skip bo are keeping our minds and bodies active. Lol
Erica!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!! AH! You are such an incredible mom & wife!!!!
ERICA: Cooking together each day has been really fun! I’m having the kids journal everyday too and it’s really special reading their perspective of this time. My daughter wrote about how much she loves being home but when she thinks about why she’s off school it makes her feel sad.
ERICA: I think that’s the tension I feel too. I’m thankful to be safe at home but heartbroken for everyone working so hard to save lives. Afternoons seem to be our toughest spot and we’ve found potato chips and watercolor painting help enormously.  
Yeah for CHIPS!! Yep! that has helped our afternoons too… The Trader Joes Chili + Lime Tortilla Chips! SOOOO GOOD!!!!
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