I look forward to capturing the Mazzotta Family every year!!! Most adorable family!!! Some of the cutest expressions ever!! Little Minnie girl wasn’t feel too good this shoot, but we got a few ‘lil smiles out of her!!! Sweet girl!! AHHH!
Truly an honor to capture your family!!!!
Loved Jamie’s answers & tips to her little questionnarre. Thank you so much for being willing to share, Jamie!! AH!
Any SUGGESTIONS or tips to families with little ones… Go outside! Vincenzo turns every rock, stone, brick upside down looking for worms.  He literally “leaves no stone unturned.” I realize we are blessed with a lot of space to roam and we are certainly taking advantage of that.  For those with littles, I am including them more with cooking, which they love.  I have a scheduled tea party this afternoon with Mae.
Songs and quotes- hmmm, with toddlers that like to dance, we mostly listen to JoJo Siwa. Mae’s favorite is “Boomerang”.  A stand out lyric-“I don’t really care about what they say, imma come back like a boomerang.” Lol.
One of my favorite memories I’m creating (or rather, still in the process of doing) is sitting with Mae to do “schoolwork”.  While she’s only 4 and was just in preschool part time, I’ve never really watched her in action, so to speak.  She lights up so bright when she gets her flash cards of numbers, shapes and sounds correct.  She’s perfected writing her first name by a little riddle we created that helps her with her letters.  I’m proud of us for sticking with it and setting aside time for more structured learning.
We’ve made unicorn poop nice cream.  It’s vegan, all organic (minus the sprinkles).  The recipe is mostly made up but I’ll send to share later today.
We’re blessed with a young, active, energetic little family.  They keep us on our toes so boredom has not, nor do I foresee it creeping in.  We wish health upon all.  This time in life is a yet another great reminder to slow down, breath deeply, and enjoy one another and Mother Earth to its fullest.
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