Kylie & Dakota!! Where do I even start!! To have the honor of capturing so many of their life moments has been pretty special. Truly, truly such an honor!!!
 Our first shoot was Kylie’s senior pictures… & Dakota came for a few!! High school sweethearts! Yep!!! & then they got engaged & soon after, MARRIED….. & then the most adorable Savi came! & SHE’S the CUTEST!!
We are VERY due for a ONE YEAR photo shoot, but QUARANTINE, so I will show these off for now!!! Just get ready, you’re gonna MELT!
Any highlights or FUN MOMENTS!? Not sure if it’s fun but I was pretty excited today because I did an at home carpet freshener lol. (Baking soda and essential oils) –That sounds amazing, Kylie!!! Might have to get all of the details on this one…
Favorite game or Family Moments?? The other night we played the game “heads up” on my phone with my fam.
Favorite Verse that is helping you get through this time??  Psalms 56:3 “ When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.” Although I’m not afraid I’m just trusting God has a plan through all of this.
Have you done any family projects or completed anything on those “to-do” lists??  We planted a garden together as a family.
Could her POUTS be any CUTER???
Favorite Recipe at the moment???   Yes!! It’s not my recipe, I got it from Sprouts but it’s pasta! The sauce is : avocados, garlic, walnuts, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and basil. So yummy!
Is life ideal right now? No. Is it frustrating not being able to go out and out like normal? Yes! But take this time to enjoy your family and the little things that maybe you don’t notice on the daily.
Slow down and enjoy the little things in life. I get the biggest smile on my face every day just watching Savi dance and laugh. 🙂 (she hears music and instantly starts dancing).  Its been nice slowing down and staying home with our loved ones.
Love you all so much!! Thank you for taking time to share all of your wonderfulness!!!!
LOOKING forward to taking some ONE year pics!!!!
& thank you to my Madi girl who helped us get some cute little smiles out of sweet Savi.
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